How to clean a cork yoga mat in 3 easy steps
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How to clean a cork yoga mat in 3 easy steps

Since they are naturally antimicrobial and don't trap odours you won't need to give your cork yoga mat a deep clean as often as regular mats. But it is a good idea to give them a quick wipe down after a sweaty yoga session. 

To clean a cork yoga mat:

1.Gather your supplies, including a clean sponge and spray bottle full of water with lemon juice or white vinegar mixed in (use about eight cups of water for every one cup of vinegar). You will also want to have an empty bucket nearby, as well as paper towels or old rags that can be thrown away later on.
2.Wipe down your cork mat using the mixture sprayed on it from the spray bottle. If there are any dirtier areas, use a brush to gently scrub them off. Work slowly since this material won’t fall apart easily like some other mats might when exposed to too much moisture/water during cleaning procedures.
3.Leave your cork yoga mat to air dry completely before putting away or using it.
We should note that tea tree oil also works great for cleaning cork yoga mats.

How often to clean a cork yoga mat?
Clean your cork yoga mat after every use. A regular wash with some vinegar and warm water on a rag should be sufficient to keep it clean, but if you’re practicing regularly or sweating profusely during hot yoga sessions, then try to do so once per week at least. 
Are cork yoga mats hygienic?
Cork mats are naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, which means that they’re safer for you to use than rubber ones. They also won’t retain the smell of sweat like some other materials will either.
What is a cork yoga mat? 
A cork yoga mat is essentially made from 100% natural material (cork), making it an eco-friendly option in its own right too! It may be non slip when wet but has similar properties to rubber so if you do fall on one during hot yoga classes then it does have a certain degree of pliability due to being softer overall. Cork tends to lose grip with time though as cracks can form over prolonged usage, necessitating an update to a new mat at least every year or two.
Another benefit of cork yoga mats is that they are, which means that they’re safer for you to use than rubber ones. They also won’t retain the smell of sweat like some other materials will either.

Benefits of cork yoga mats

Cork yoga mats offer a number of benefits over standard yoga mats. 
They are naturally antimicrobial, don't trap odours and allow the skin to breathe more easily than other materials - meaning that cork yoga mats can be used for longer without any risk of causing sweat rash (and nobody wants sweaty hands when they're in downward dog). Plus their natural cushioning makes them much softer on your joints. 
Cork yoga mats are also much more sustainable than other mats. Especially if they are made from cork bark, which is harvested annually without doing any damage to the tree.

What to look for when buying a cork yoga mat?
What should I look out for when buying one? Cork yoga mats may be more expensive but it's well worth paying extra if this material suits your needs best in terms of performance levels and increased comfort during practice sessions.
If durability is not an issue then choose the colour option most appealing to you as there isn't any difference beyond aesthetics with these types - just pick based on what looks good! The thicker models tend to offer slightly better cushioning so this might be another factor to consider.
How long do cork yoga mats last?
Cork yoga mats will typically last for around two to three years if they're used regularly and stored appropriately.

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